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US Vice President Joseph Biden made an official visit to the Republic of Serbia and on that occasion met the President of the Republic of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic and Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic.

"Our bilateral relations are developing wonderfully and we share common values. We were allies in two World Wars and share the world's greatest two scientists, Tesla and Pupin so that this is an important junction point, " President Nikolic said.

Vice President Joseph Biden stressed that the US has a strong interest that Serbia achieves political and economic success, adding that he will encourage new foreign investments in Serbia.

Prime Minister Vucic said that he discussed bilateral relations between the two countries with US Vice President, about the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and possible progress in the future, as well as regional relations and Serbia's European path. Prime Minister Vucic said that the bilateral relations between the US and Serbia are on the upswing and expressed gratitude to the US for its support of Serbia's European path.

Vice President Biden stressed that Serbia is a key political and economic cornerstone for the whole region and that the Serbian leadership is extremely important for this part of Europe. Some moments of our common history were extremely painful, recalled the Vice President of the US and added that he was happy that a new chapter has opened in the relations between the two countries. Vice President Biden has paid condolences to all the families who lost their loved ones in the NATO campaign.

During Vice President Biden’s visit to Belgrade a bilateral agreement on extradition was signed between Serbia and the United States.


Serbian diaspora newspaper "Serbian Mirror" published an article related to the implementation of the provisions of the new Law on Administrative Procedure. We present part of the text:

Since June of this year in Serbia legal provisions came into force, which allow citizens to submit fewer documents when submitting various applications than they had before. We approached the Consulate General in Chicago and in reference to this Acting Consul General Dejan Radulovic said the following:

"This is a significant improvement for the citizens of the Republic of Serbia that during submission of a large number of requests they do not have to attach supporting documents with the data that the administrative bodies already have in their records. This was discussed and argued over a very long time, especially in the Diaspora, and with this law it finally became a reality. The law has forced the government authorities to mutually exchange information from the official records, thus relieving citizens from obtaining documents, as well as free the citizens and administration from excessive and unnecessary procedures.

In practice this means that the citizens of the Republic of Serbia while submitting an application for a passport no longer have to submit documents such as the proof of citizenship or excerpt from the registry of birth. This information will be officially obtained by the competent authority to satisfy requirements for the issuance of passports. An applicant for a new passport is required to possess an identity document such as previous passport or identity card. In addition, at that time an applicant needs to sign a statement agreeing that the above data should be obtained through official channels. In this way, the citizens, especially those residing abroad, will be greatly facilitated when applying for a passport, since they will no longer have to obtain required documents from the country and will thus save time and money since they will not have to pay a fee for the issuance of the above documents. The law estimates a period of fifteen days to obtain the documents through official channels, which would naturally reflect in the total time saved in the resolution of submitted request.

Very often we are contacted by our citizens who came to the United States several decades ago and do not have any of the documents issued by the Republic of Serbia. Often, many are not even sure whether they even are citizens of Serbia in general because they left the country at the time of the former Yugoslavia. The consulate will provide assistance to all citizens who turn to us in order to establish the facts, particularly those relating to citizenship. In such cases even old documents can help us so that our advice and recommendations to the citizens who have left Serbia long ago is that upon arrival at the consulate they still bring us the old documents which will help us in the identification of relevant data for submission and resolution of applications.

It is the right of every citizen to independently decide whether the documents will be obtained by him/her or will opt for the competent authorities to do that for him/her.

Obtaining the information through official channels also applies to other consular services such as registering birth of children, registering marriage and requirements regarding the citizenship of the Republic of Serbia. "


On June 23, 2016, after a break of nearly a quarter of a century, a new direct flight from Belgrade to New York City has been re-established. The Air Serbia flights to New York will be operated five times a week under the numbers YU500 and YU501, the same ones which Air Serbia’s predecessor JAT Yugoslav Airlines used when it had direct flights to NYC.

The Airbus A330 aircraft named after Nikola Tesla, the most famous Serbian-American, has capacity of 254 seats, economy and business class. The first wide-body aircraft for intercontinental regular traffic between the Balkans and the United States is currently the largest aircraft in the fleet of Air Serbia. The Serbian airline is now the only company in the region that has a direct flight to the United States.

At the opening ceremony in Belgrade Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and US Ambassador Kyle Scott stressed that the new line represents an important step that will encourage economic ties and growth, help develop tourist potential and provide additional impetus to positive development of overall relations between the two countries.

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