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Information on customs formalities in Serbia

Bringing pets into Serbia


Citizens of the Republic of Serbia, who were continuously legaly employed between two and ten years, will be relieved from custom duties on the articles of their household up to the value of 20.000 EUR (not applicable for motor vehicles); Citizens of Serbia who have legally spent more than ten years working abroad do not have any limitation as per the value of the household items that can be imported without custom duties;

This right can be used up to one year from the day of the return to Serbia. In order for this benefits to be used our citizens need to obtain Customs Certificate in their corresponding Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Serbia; Custom Certificate does not apply for the importation of a motor vehicle.

In order to obtain the certificate for regulation of the import duties, the petitioner needs to submit the following:

  1. Valid Serbian passport;
  2. Completed request (Form MS Word od PDF format). The signature of the applicant must be notarized by the Notary Public if the request is submitted by mail; 
  3. Proof of residence in the U.S.A. (Green Card, Driver’s License)
  4. Original letter from the Employer-Company with the indication of the length of employment, supported by:
  • Statement of paid taxes (Form W-2);
  • Statement from the Social Security about petitioner’s retirement benefits or the report about the period of employment which qualifies the petitioner to a pension.

Consular fee in the amount of $186.00 is payable in cash, by card, or Money Order issued to the Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia.

If the request is sent by mail the petitioner must enclose a pre-stamped, pre-addressed return envelope.

For more information, please contact Consulate General.


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